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The advantage of our products is that they are made from tomato that is fully ripe and of course, grown organically. Ingredients come from Sicily where there is highly nutritious volcanic soil and an abundance of sunshine. All that together makes products exceptional and provides an excellent quality of our raw materials. Farmlands are not excessively fertilized so the flavor of the tomato itself is significantly better than the one from conventional production. Conventional tomato is grown with using excessive fertilization of nitrogen fertilizers which results in the loss of taste. Properties of such nitrogen saturated fruits are everything other than healthy too. Due to the high content of lycopene, a natural antioxidant and more than twenty different minerals and vitamins that tomatoe naturally own, the organically grown tomato is very important part of the daily diet.

Did you know that lycopene - valuable natural antioxidant that is found in ripe tomatoes, if treated with the heat doesn't destroy and loose properties? On the contrary, it transforms itself into such a way that can be absorbed more easily by the body so retains all its valuable properties.