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Pulses are an excellent source of protein and are quite low in fat. They are extremely important for a healthy heart and have the ability to form vitamin B12 in combination with cereals in the body. They are extremely important to have in the diet that is why you should have them on your menus least two to three times a week. No matter if you choose beans, soya beans, red or green lentils, all organically grown legumes have great taste and can be prepared in countless ways. French green lentils is considered a true delicacy because of its great taste. You can also make sprouts from them to continue to improve the nutritional value.

In the case of pulses it is important to know, that it is required at least briefly soak the beans in plenty of water and wash them well. The envelopes of seeds contain alkaloids that need to be washed away. These alkaloids protect the seeds from infectionbut are quite harmful to our health. 


Did you know that mung bean is sometimes mistakenly called a green soybean because of its shape and because of its green color? Other than both of the being pulses, botanically soya and Mung have nothing in common.