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Nutritious volcanic soil and mild climate are the basis for delicious organically grown durum wheat from Sicily. The 100 year tradition of making pasta and technology that relies on the old procedures are the characteristics of organic pasta from our assortment. Wheat is freshly milled in our own mill just before the pasta is made, so as to avoid oxidation and for pasta to retain their aroma, color and taste. In the slow drying process at low temperatures, the amino acid lysine is preserved, which plays an important role in many chemical processes in our body and helps with the absorption of calcium.

In the case of whole wheat pasta we have the process of grinding whole wheat grain, which further increases the nutritional value of the food as it is containing vital fiber, vitamins and minerals in the shell. Various forms and shapes of pasta make up a different and fun meal for each day.

Did you know that the pasta that is cooked 'al - dente' is more healthy and  less fattening. The increase in insulin metabolism that come from pasta that is cooked this way is lower so it has a lower glycemic index than pasta are cooked very well. So if we want to maintain a lean physique pasta should not be boiled until soft!