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BIO Maca powder

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BIO Maca powder

BIO Maca powder

(Lepidium meyenii)

Dietary supplement Maca powder from organic farming is 100% maca without any additives and is certified organic. This means that it is produced without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or other additives.


Maca is a low herbaceous plant native to the high Andes regions of Peru. It is cultivated due to the thickened roots, which can be used for various purposes - such as vegetables or in domestic medicine. Locals in Peru have been using it for thousands of years and was named ''Peruvian ginseng'' due to its nutritional and medicinal properties. Maca is a very resistant plant and grows in harsh conditions at altitudes between 3500 and 4500 meters. It is exposed to the harsh weather conditions, strong sunlight, extreme cold and high values of UV light. The seeds are sown in the beginning of the rainy season and the plant reaches full age of about 8 months after sowing.

Processing method:

Bufo organic Maca is processed by traditional method, where the first three months, maca is being covered overnight to prevent moisture damage and then drying in the sun. In doing so, leaves remain on the plant until it is dry, because in this way we are gaining the taste. Then it is cut into pieces and further dried at a temperature lower than 45°C, then the plant is suitable for grinding.

Nutrition and useful properties:

Maca is a very powerful antioxidant and helps to revitalize the body. Because it promotes brain activity it can be used in mental fatigue, stress and assistance in stimulating memory. It regulates hormonal system, therefore it is recommended to enjoy when you have menstual cramps and menopausal problems. It is recommended for athletes and with larger physical activities to help with body endurance.

It can be used as an additive to breakfast mixes, with cottage cheese, various vegetable & fruit juices and other cold dishes.

Recommended daily dose for an adult is 7g per day - about one teaspoon.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Our BUFO ORGANIC premium products are packed in special glass bottles and jars, which distinguish themselves by its high quality and are able to offer optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Furthermore, the packaging increases the storage/shelf life of our products for significant amount of time (3 years) and improves the quality of sensitive ingredients.

Today's consumers want healthier foods, greater convenience and special characteristics. Our products enable our customers to satisfy the increasing demands of their wishes on the organic markets.


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