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Coffee Mexico

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Coffee Mexico

Coffee Mexico - a mild, aromatic and balanced coffee.

The colorful character of Mexico can be discovered in the rich flavor of its coffee. This mild coffee has a harmonious body and is full of elegant fruit. Mexico has supported sustainable coffee cultivation for many years, serving as an example to other coffee producing countries.

Coffee Mexico - originating from Finca Irlanda, which farms biodynamically. Located in the southern mountainous region, the Peters family have grown top quality biodynamic coffee for many decades. So it is no coincidence that we have worked with this plantation for years. In addition to respect for the natural environment at Finca Irlanda there is considerable attention for the workers’ social conditions. The Peters family, the plantation’s owners, have united all their sustainable activities under the Peters Foundation. This foundation manages the sustainable development programme. The Tierra Nova foundation, which is linked to Simon Lévelt, also contributed with a significant financial donation to the Peters Foundation.


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