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BUFO offers you a wide and varied selection of certified BIO - Organic products origin from quality European and Slovenian producers.

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We post excellent and delicious recipes from our various BIO - Organic Products.


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Dear Visitors - Welcome to our website!

We are a Slovenian company focused on marketing, distribution and production of raw materials and products exclusively from certified Organic Production. We represent the largest distributor of organic materials, DO - IT company from the Netherlands.

As a guarantee and assurance of quality, we have an Organic Certificate which endures audits and control from government institutions to ensure the integrity and quality of our Organic Products.

Our core business is wholesale and manufacturing of Organic Products, but of course, our doors are also open to retail consumers who wish to increase the quality of their daily diet and are aware of the importance of clean food and especially clean living space, which we are obliged to preserve for future generations.

Within our wide array of Organic Products you can find organic products from all food segments in different packages depending on your needs. In addition to the raw materials we are also present on the market under the brand name La BIO IDEA, which can be exclusively found in all TU� supermarkets. We also manufacture a variety of products for private brands owned by our valued customers.

We hope that you will find something for yourself among our product selection. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.